How to organise your breakfast bar

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Case Study 1: A breakfast bar

As you can see, the majority of the breakfast bar surface was occupied by a selection of tea, toys, medicine and some phone chargers, accompanied by a rather big box casually sitting at the end of the counter. My client Mrs G told me that she was using this space for meals with her 4-year-old boy.

Problem 1: A selection of tea boxes

Do they need to be here? Can’t they be in the cupboard?

I suggested moving all the tea things near the kettle since she told me that Mr G likes to look at them, choose what to drink and then make his own tea. Now it should be easier for him to make a nice cup of tea!

Problem 2: Where are the cereals?

They eat cereals at this breakfast bar, but where are the cereal boxes?

Everyday cereal boxes should not be stored that high! And she is not that tall either, the cupboard door wasn’t closed properly. Luckily she has a very useful steel rack with wheels! I managed to relocate it underneath (with the cereal boxes and some other things which used to be on the counter).

Now when they have cereal for breakfast (or at night!), even her little boy can reach what he wants.

The breakfast bar is finally ready for a proper mealtime! Easy access to cereals, bread or snacks is a very good idea for everyone!

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