This chest of drawers arrangement is perfect!

衣 Wardrobe

This photo is 5-year-old son’s drawer. Nothing special rather messy, but I put a small box (a shoe box kind of thing) in the drawer to create three sections for trousers, jumpers and shirts.  Now he can get what he wants by himself. 

Now, this is the interesting part.

I don’t fold clothes for him. I don’t put away the clothes for him. He does it by himself. Since he can get the clothes out, he can obviously do it the other way around and put them back in the drawers too.

When we started using this system, I realised he was picking up a few nicely folded clothes every time and making a mess, so I gave up folding clothes for him. He doesn’t mind, I don’t mind, so we don’t bother folding any clothes.

One day, he might say “Mummy I don’t like my shirts creased” then I will change this system, but until then I will keep it simple and it is perfect for us!

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