How much do you love your “cupboard-under-the-stairs”? Part 2

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Unlike the cupboard-under-the-stairs in Part 1, this cupboard is more like the one I have at home. Keeping shoes in this space seems sensible, I do the same at my house, but this needs a bit of care and order.

Here is how I organised the cupboard.

Mrs D used this space mainly for family shoes, but we also found some rolls of paper, guests’ slippers, cleaning items, shoe polishing items and lots of “keep it just in case…” items.

As always, we got everything out, sorted, subdivided and prioritised. This time there were no everyday-use items.

Now the miscellaneous item boxes are right back at the far end, and the shoes are towards the back in a reachable area where we can basically see all of them. The slippers are just on the left-hand side of the door. Finally, we can see some floor space in the cupboard!

Since we have some spare space, we decided to keep the nappy and the wipe stocks here. As long as you feel you are in charge of the space, you can use space this way. It might look chaotic to some, but nobody else will see this area, so it can be your guilty secret!

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