What does Time Ninja do?

  1. Tidying up and organising
  2. Downsizing
  3. House moves

Who Needs Time Ninja Service?

Someone who…

  1. is not good at tidying up.
  2. is not good at decluttering.
  3. wants to tidy up but does not have enough time.
  4. read a book about tidying up, but couldn’t put the ideas into practice.
  5. has no idea where to start.
  6. would like to learn how to do it by themselves.
  7. needs an extra hand to do a big organising / decluttering job.
  8. is moving in or out of their home.

Where does Time Ninja work?

  • Aldershot
  • Bisley
  • Byfleet
  • Clandon
  • Farnham
  • Goldsworth Park
  • Guildford
  • Hook Heath
  • Horsell
  • Knaphill
  • Mayford
  • Send
  • West Byfleet
  • Weyirdge
  • Woking
  • Worplesdon
  • Any and Surrounding Areas of Woking

When does Time Ninja work?

  • weekdays: from 8:30am to 3:30pm
  • weekends: not fixed, but open to discussion

How do I contact Time Ninja?

Please email me at ‘info@time-ninja.com’

WhatsApp message me 07795823055

How much does Time Ninja charge?

£70 = 2 hours of tidy-up service

  • Any extension will be £8 for 15 minutes.
  • Up to 30 minutes of a FREE consultation will be added for the first time.

What should I do to prepare for Time Ninja’s visit?


  1. Collect empty boxes or bags (if you have any).
  2. Gather your cleaning cloths and sprays and stuff.
  3. Think of places/drawers/cupboards you are not happy with.
  4. There is no need to tidy up.

How do I get a Free Quotation?

Please fill in the form below or send me a message at ‘info@time-ninja.com’ and I will get back to you!


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