How to increase 50% more storage space with your IKEA furniture

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Do you have something like this at home?

Here is the way to maximise your storage space with the furniture.

1] Put the boxes on top of the storage furniture!

Having some identical items lined up can create a neat impression. This time, we put the two similar/identical boxes on top of the shelf to create 50% more space (as well as looking neat).


2] Place the random items in the middle section!

Even though things are rather random, as long as they are within the cubicle space, they will keep a neat look.


3] Do not categorise the contents!

In this photo, the contents of the boxes are all toys, but the toys are not categorised (e.g. soft teddies, cars, blocks…). The top two boxes could be for you to tidy things into when you are standing up, and the bottom two boxes could be for the children to get things out and put them away. With this system, the top two and the bottom two boxes can all become interchangeable.


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