Can you tell which school uniform is which in the busy morning among siblings?

衣 Wardrobe

Kaizen (改善) means “change for the better” in Japanese. I made a teeny-tiny, but important, change to the school uniform system we had at home.

The problem was about my 8-year-old daughter’s and 5-year-old son’s uniform sizes. Nina’s uniforms are all rather tight now, and Nico’s ones are still rather big to grow into. So they argue about who has whose clothes in the hectic morning, and it is especially difficult for us because their name tags are all the same: “N.”

It is so simple that I couldn’t believe it took me such a long time to think of it, but I just use colour coding: black is for Nina and white is for Nico.



No more bending my knees to check the lengths of the jackets to identify which one is which!

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