An easy organising hack for busy people in your kitchen

食 Kitchen

A kitchen is an interesting place, we go in a number of times every day repeating the same actions, we make a mess and clean it up, and make a mess again and clean it up again. So I believe having a practical kitchen is a key for busy people to have a less stressful life.

For most people, when it comes to tidying up the kitchen, it is already overwhelming just thinking about it and normally means decluttering and organising lots of items. I am able to help with that and I can create a personalised solution for any customer, but if you want to take some steps on your own then I would like to share my quick and easy way to make your kitchen look a bit more organised. This is how I make a practical kitchen:

1. Forget about the dream kitchen we see on Instagram. They look fabulous but they might not be so practical for your busy life.

2. Categorise your kitchen items into groups: starting lineups (things you can’t cook without), bench players (you use them quite often), and the rest. This sorting process should be quite quick, you will find that your starting lineup changes throughout the year.

My starting lineups are things like knives, wooden spoons, ladles, sugar, salt and oil. They are all on the worktops.

My bench players are things like peelers, cheese graters, pizza cutters, blenders, pots and pans. They go in the drawers and cupboards near the hobs.

The rest are in the corner cabinets or cupboards away from the centre of the kitchen. For example an extra big ladle or tongs for a party, spatulas, juicers and the toastie machine.

3. Place your key items (the starting lineups) on the worktop where you would like to see them every day. It is easier to get things from the worktop than opening cupboards / drawers every time. 

4. You can put the rest of the non-key items somewhere else like a lower cabinet where you need to bend your knees and open the door. I don’t mind digging for non-key items when I am cooking something special, so my salad spinner and my serving tongs are stored in less easy-to-access parts of the kitchen.

I hope you try this yourself, I’m sure it will have a positive impact on your kitchen life!


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