Never step on a Lego again!

育 Children

Lego is a great toy, and I am really happy to see my children building things with their creativity.

In our house, we have about 20 different boxes of Lego (including Disney princesses, Marvel Heroes, Super Mario and some classic bits) and the children decided to mix everything, I know a lot of people don’t, but my kids like it that way. 

The Lego Storage Bag from Amazon is a lifesaver for tidying up… You undo the bag and spread it on the floor, it keeps quite a few pieces in the bag while playing, and when you finish playing you just pull the string to close the bag!

We keep the instruction manuals and the flattened boxes in case the children want to build following instructions or to get some inspiration from the photos on the boxes.

We also have a display area on a shelf for unfinished projects or lovely creations. This display space is limited, the children negotiate which creation should be going back in the bag and which ones can be kept on display for a few days.

You don’t need to tidy up and put things away to make the room look neat, sometimes things like this would be a win-win for parents and children.

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