An easy step to make your child independent

育 Children

Our children’s playroom has so many toys big and small, and our rule for the room is they don’t need to tidy up every day. 

I decided to make it easy to tidy the room and this means it is rather satisfying for them to do it. The super helpful item for tidying up the toys is the builders mixing tub. Just ask the kids to put everything in the big tub and… Voila! It’s tidy!

Surprisingly, they even occasionally tidy the room without being asked, especially when they want to make space for a pretend restaurant or for a dance party. 

Don’t worry about sorting just yet, until the children realise that sorting is a better way for them to find specific toys, just put everything in one tub. The most important thing is to make them feel like they can do it all by themselves. This easy little step will be a big impact on their attitude to tidying up in the future! 

And the exciting part about this is when they put the tub upside down! The children will enjoy playing with nearly forgotten toys from the bottom of the tub again!

It’s true! You don’t need to be the only person always tidying up for your family!

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