Do you have a utility room?

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Not everyone has a utility room, so you should treat it well and use it wisely if you have one.

My client Mrs R’s utility room was one of the last spaces that needed to be sorted. The house was very neat and tidy, so I felt that she was using this space as a “buffer area” and placing lots of random things in there.

I personally think it is a great idea to put random items in the utility room rather than leaving them hanging around the kitchen or dining table, the room just needed a little bit of reorganisation to make it more user-friendly.

If you have a room that makes you feel daunted every time you enter, you know that you are not making the most of the space. That’s the space you need to tackle to get your life back! This kind of room can feel overwhelming, but with a bit of guidance and determination, you can make it happen!



Who cares if you keep things on the worktop? Leave the everyday essentials on the worktop and get your life easy! As long as you are happy to go inside and utilise your utility room, you are making the most of it!

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